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Arkel Constructors was awarded and contracted directly by Monsanto in Luling, LA to construct a new 17,452-square-foot lab building. The building consists of a main lab area with 18 hoods, 40 snorkels and 28 lab tables with a full assortment of lab gases, deionized and domestic water, power and data. The building also has (2) 114-ton HVAC Chiller systems. The northern portion of the building consists of offices, a conference room, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a CCR  Lab. The southern portion of the building houses a shipping room, sample vestibule, sample alcove, storage room,  solutions room, instrument maintenance room, and retain storage room. The building is fully sprinkled and has a  gas detection system (by owner). Arkel is currently on site receiving and installing the first shipments of lab casework.


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Monsanto Chemical


Wink Engineering

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Luling, LA

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