Exxon Mobile NAG Phase I & II

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Arkel Constructors was awarded Phase I and Phase II of the expansion project at the Mont Belvieu, TX facility. The building package consisted of the complete design-build of 8 support buildings. Phase I of the project consisted of two metal buildings that were constructed in a four-month duration to serve as the fabrication facilities for the Mechanical and E&I subcontractors for the project. The 10,000 sf and 20,000 sf PEMB structures feature overhead rolling doors, a ventilation system and a foundation pad and were constructed concurrently to maintain the project schedule. Phase II of the project was a design-build project to construct six metal buildings.   The buildings consist of warehouses, a control building, and office space at their grassroots plant. The warehouses tie into the process structure and facilitate the conveyance of the finished product for distribution.  The shipping and dispatch building and the main contractors building house showers and changing rooms, office space for personnel, break rooms and common areas, and provide support services for the operation of the plant.

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Crump Wilson

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Mont Belvieu, TX

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